Lead pastor

jordan jacobs

Pastor Jordan succeeded his father, Dr. Michael Jacobs, as Lead Pastor of Church on the Rock in 2016. He is a true pastor and gifted preacher whose heart for people is evident. He’s also an avid hiker and a musician with a love for bluesy guitar tunes. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife, Morgan, and daughter, Natalee.

youth pastor, social media director

morgan jacobs

Morgan has been a member of our church since she was a small child and is married to Pastor Jordan. She serves at the Quarry on Wednesdays and has a blast hanging out with our amazing students. Her favorite thing about our students is how much fun they are! She finds it extremely rewarding to watch them grow in their relationship with God and overcome life’s challenges. She holds a BSB with concentrations in Marketing and Management and loves podcasts, books, and good food.

administrator, church on the rock & mjm

shaun garing

Shaun has served our church as a staff member for over 20 years. Before coming on board, he was named Teacher of the Year for a local school corporation, and was also named Coach of the Year at the state level multiple times. He applies the same excellent dedication that earned him these accolades to everything he does here at church. He enjoys blended butter beers (A type of coffee beverage...with espresso!) and trips to the mountains. He enjoys the balanced approach to people and ministry that he’s developed during his time on staff here. His favorite movie is Elf but, in stark contrast, his favorite quote is “With it or on it.” (in reference to Spartan soldiers coming home with their shield in victory or on it in defeat).

secretary, bookkeeper

donna atkins

Mrs. Donna has been serving on staff for over 30 years and has kept our church building ringing with laughter since day one! When asked why she loves working here, she says, “Actually, this church saved my life. Being under a leader (Dr. Jacobs) helped me so much. It caused me to quit making excuses for my life and helped me know that Father God has everything I need to make it in this life.” In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and taking trips with them. If you want to make her day, just drop off a homemade pound cake with fresh fruit or a cafe miele from Coffee Crossing!

housekeeping, landscaping, mjm media

Jenny Garing

Here at COTR, Jenny is the gal who gets things done! She enjoys getting to work with her family and is happy to play a big role in helping Dr. Jacobs and Pastor Jordan fulfill their vision for this church. On the weekends, you can find her enjoying camping, bonfires, and the Jason Bourne movies. She also loves chocolate, hot caramel lattes, and any beach!

creative developer

michael manning

Michael is an award-winning graphic designer who has taken the imagery and digital presence of our church to the next level! Working at COTR has been a dream of his for many years. He is a 2020 American Advertising Federation Hot 10 award winner, naming him one of the top 10 marketing professionals under 32 in Louisville. He also established and built the Humana Brand illustration system used by Humana, Inc. He enjoys hot, black, decaf coffee (we love him anyway) and hanging out with his wife and kids. Of working at church, he says “Serving here has meant the world to my family and I— and it’s provided me opportunities to use my giftings for God’s kingdom while providing for my family. I’m not sure what more I could want.”

Worship director, youth pastor

amzi bock

Amzi serves at church in many capacities, and always with a smile on his face! You’ll find him leading the worship team every Sunday, and leading our middle and high school students at the Quarry every Wednesday. He is a faithful leader with a unique gift for connecting with people and making them feel welcome. He’s also a man of many hobbies, from hiking and woodworking to guns and classic cars. He served our country for six years as a Sergeant in the Army National Guard (including one tour in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom) and is also the founder and owner of Sixth Day Paint Co. He loves spending time with his wife and three boys!